How Lotion on T.P. Works


No Waste Wipe bottle with “lotion” is your way to Eco-friendly cleanliness. Check out our wipes, select your preferred membership and each month you’ll get your order delivered right to your door.

No Waste Wipe is your way to the give back to the environment all the while staying fresh. As the name implies there is no waste, squirt onto Toilet Paper, wipe, drop in the toilet and flush. T.P. and lotion dissolves within 8 seconds in the sewer system so you can be happy and the city will be happy as well.  The lotion can also be used on your hands as a freshener or as an underarm deodorant, spritz into the toilet to kill that odor. No Waste Wipe will ensure you get that fresh after shower feeling without having to hop into the shower.

It is 2017, not 1914, time to get with the times and stop living in the past like grandma once had to.  Using that scratchy dry toilet paper, feeling like you just left the outhouse and had to use newspaper. Cats use their tongue’s to clean, you can do the same though you can get that feeling without having to lick your own behind.